corporate chief of staff's hands on top of another signifying unity

Why the Roundtable Exists

Since its inception, the Chief of Staff community has yearned for definitive answers and a trusted community to support this often perplexing and solitary role. In the face of the emerging challenges of this new decade, the Chief of Staff position continues to burgeon across businesses of all sizes and industries.

Recognizing the struggles faced by our fellow Chiefs of Staff, we realized there was no entity uniquely positioned to harness the collective knowledge and experiences of the entire Chief of Staff community. Thus, the Chief of Staff Roundtable was born, driven by a singular purpose: to provide definitive resources and a trusted community for every Chief of Staff worldwide.

Our Core Values

  • Collective Leadership: Recognizing the isolation in the role, we promote a community where Chiefs of Staff collaborate, share knowledge, and uplift the profession. Together, we clarify and amplify the impact of Chiefs of Staff globally.
  • Invested: Fully understanding the challenges Chiefs of Staff face, the Roundtable is deeply committed to their success. In return, we encourage members to mutually invest, ensuring all Chiefs of Staff thrive in their roles.
  • Safe Spaces: We prioritize confidential environments where Chiefs of Staff can discuss challenges without fear. Such spaces cultivate trust, openness, and mutual understanding.
  • Hero Makers: We view every Chief of Staff as a hero maker. We spotlight their significant contributions, motivating and instilling pride within the community, emphasizing their invaluable roles.
  • Practitioners: Our emphasis is on practicality. Gathering real-world insights from experienced Chiefs of Staff, we provide actionable resources and solutions, enabling informed decision-making and effective problem-solving.

What Problems We Solve

At the Chief of Staff Roundtable, we address a range of pressing challenges faced by Chiefs of Staff, ensuring they have the necessary support to excel in their roles:

  • Role Confusion and Isolation: The Chief of Staff position can often be mired in ambiguity and isolation. We strive to alleviate these issues by fostering a sense of clarity and community among Chiefs of Staff, enabling them to navigate their roles with confidence.
  • Accessible Platforms for Personal and Professional Growth: We understand the importance of investing in oneself and others. To bridge the gap, we provide accessible platforms that empower Chiefs of Staff to enhance their skills, broaden their knowledge, and develop meaningful connections with their peers.
  • Relevant and Actionable Insights: In a world teeming with self-proclaimed experts, we strive to cut through the noise and deliver valuable insights that are relevant and actionable for Chiefs of Staff. We curate research and expertise from within the community, ensuring that the information shared is practical and tailored to their unique needs.

How We Solve Them Uniquely

The Chief of Staff Roundtable tackles these challenges through a range of distinctive approaches that set us apart:


    • Community-Based Learning Ecosystem: Our ecosystem caters to aspiring, current, and former Chiefs of Staff. By fostering a vibrant and inclusive community, we create a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. This ecosystem thrives on community-led forums, community-vetted research, and community-endorsed “experts” who bring real-world experiences to the forefront.
    • Community-Vetted Research: In an era inundated with information, it can be challenging to discern what is relevant or reliable. To overcome this, we have implemented a rigorous vetting process for research within our community. The collective expertise of our members allows us to identify and curate research that is practical, insightful, and tailored specifically to the needs of Chiefs of Staff. This ensures that the information shared is accurate, reliable, and directly applicable to the challenges they face.
    • Community-Developed Resource “Artifacts”: We understand that Chiefs of Staff benefit greatly from practical resources. As a result, we encourage the development of “Artifacts” within the community, which are actionable and insightful tools that address specific challenges faced by Chiefs of Staff. These artifacts are created collaboratively, leveraging the collective wisdom of the community.
    • Community-Endorsed “Experts”: We understand the value of expertise within the Chief of Staff community. That’s why we have established a system where community members endorse experts based on their firsthand experiences and proven track records in the field. These community-endorsed experts offer valuable insights, mentorship, and guidance to Chiefs of Staff, ensuring they receive trusted and reliable advice.
    • Co-Facilitated Peer-Learning Cohorts: Learning from peers who have faced similar challenges is invaluable. At the Chief of Staff Roundtable, we facilitate peer-learning cohorts, enabling Chiefs of Staff to connect with and learn from one another in a safe and confidential space. These cohorts serve as supportive networks, fostering personal growth and professional development.
    • Advisory Board: To ensure our offerings remain relevant and comprehensive, we have assembled an esteemed Advisory Board comprising current and former Chiefs of Staff from a wide array of industries and company sizes. This diverse representation guarantees that our resources and insights align with the realities and nuances of the Chief of Staff role across different sectors.